Molly and Louie's April 28th 2017 litter

Newest pictures are at the top of the page, the further down you look, the younger the pups.





This litter is 9 weeks old so it's time to go home. Here are the final pictures.


First I will introduce each puppy by name and let you know where he or she will go to live,

Below that you will find a couple of group pictures and some blooper shots.




The Ladds


The wheaten boy.

Meet Carrington

He is going to go live with Kimberly in Chagrin Falls, Ohio




Black Boy #1

Say hi to McRuff or Mac for short.

He is going to go live with Rebecca in Centerville, Ohio




Black Boy #2

He's The Snowman!

He's going to Sturgis Michigan to live with Dianne.




The Lass


The wheaten girl.

Be-Bop-a-Lula, she's my baby!

Lula is staying right here with us in Greenville, Ohio




Molly's April 28th 2017 litter of 4


same picture without the text



A couple bloopers.....


Thank you everyone!

The End.





On April 28th 2017 Molly and Louie had a beautiful litter of 4.

2 black boys, 1 wheaty girl and 1 wheaty boy.


I am placing these pups to folks on my waiting list.

If you would like to be added to my waiting list (no obligation)  Please Click HERE

Prices, terms, email address and phone number are located here.


These pups will be ready to go home on Saturday, July 1st 2017.

They are 100% weaned away from Mama and ready to be seen and played with

If you are on my list and if it's your turn, watch your email inbox!


Each puppy in this litter is wearing an ID color.

Yellow for the boys and Red for the girl.


The Wheaten Girl

She just might be alpha pup of this litter...she is also quite the looker.




The Wheaten Boy

He's a little more reserved than his sister but not by much, give him a minute to warm up and he is a very playful boy.




Black Boy #1

He's inquisitive but he's always ready to play.




Black Boy #2

He's almost a mirror image of his black brother in both looks and personality except for the fact that he's a snuggler!


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Please check back in about 3 weeks for a final update.